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Add new features, technologies, and safety systems to your obsolete industrial machinery with a retrofit. Save on the cost of buying a new machine by upgrading your outdated one for much less. Request a commitment-free quote now.

CNC Machinery Retrofitting Experts

Corzosa specialists can retrofit all types of second-hand industrial machinery, including CNC retrofitting. We perform upgrades on press brakes, lathes, milling and grinding machines, machining centres, and complex production systems. However you need to improve your industrial machines, Corzosa will be able to adapt them to meet your current production requirements. Our team is always training with the latest technologies to ensure you get a profitable final product, one that’s durable and efficient. Ask us for a commitment-free, personalized quote today.


The Benefits of Retrofitting Industrial Machines

Modernizing your machinery can reduce machine downtime, boost your company’s productivity, and improve the quality of your output.

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Many manufacturers want to put together a modern production line without having to make major investments in new industrial machinery.

Retrofitting industrial machines is a cost-effective solution to this problem. This is because retrofitting makes use of the company’s existing resources, incorporating specific and appropriate updates.

Machinery retrofitting is required if:

  • You possess outdated machines for which you can no longer source parts.
  • You need to add new capabilities and upgrades to your second-hand machines.
  • You want to make used machines compatible with other modules of your production line.


Equipment reformation is carried out via the restoration of its components and/or the modernization of its technology. After this is completed, you will receive the following benefit:

  • Boosted company productivity.
  • Reduced machine downtime.
  • Lowered risks (thanks to automation).
  • Guaranteed availability of compatible parts and accessories.
  • Extended machinery working life.
  • Savings from the avoided purchase of a new machine.
  • Improved tool aesthetics.

What is retrofitting? This is what our retrofitting service includes

We re-equip and modernize second-hand and obsolete industrial machinery so that it continues to meet your current production needs.

Personalized technical support

Our technical team will put together a report detailing the proposed mechanical, pneumatic, electrical, programming, and aesthetic improvements for your machinery.

Comprehensive Retrofitting

We will handle the dismantling, transportation, adjustment, and setup of your industrial machine. We will also take care of operator training so that your staff understands how to make use of the updated functions.

Long-term Maintenance Service

If you experience a breakdown or technical issue with your industrial machine, or if you need to implement a new function, our specialist technical team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We can help

Our technical service team will advise you on everything you need to do to update obsolete or second-hand machinery.

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