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Corzosa Blanco

This is our story.

Luis Mochales, presidente de Corzosa
Striving for excellence

Over 45 years building trust through quality service

Founded in 1975, Corzosa is a family business that was started by three partners who came together to conceive something new amid an economic crisis.

To make the European machine tool sector competitive, and to help traditional industries adapt to the emerging technological revolution, we have made great strides in service development.

Our workshop evolved quickly and, after a short period of time, Corzosa had come to represent the north of Spain by working with many large European and Spanish manufacturers of industrial machinery.

From that initial period onward, our commercial activity has been concentrated on the distribution of industrial machinery and lifting elements.

Our sales team, at first just composed of the three founders, has gradually expanded to serve the needs of companies in other global regions.

In the 90s, two of three founding partners left to pursue other projects. The current company president, Luis Mochales, acquired 100% of company shares in 2002.

Since then, the board of directors has consisted of the lead partner along with the second generation of entrepreneurs – his daughters. Using their legal and business training, they continue to drive the company forward, implementing an updated perspective while retaining the traditional values of the founder.

More than four decades since its inception, Corzosa’s machinery is still used by its customers as a benchmark for quality and performance in the industrial sector. We are known for our technical assistance and willingness to resolve any issues encountered by machining tools of enormous size and complexity.

The company runs facilities in the Spanish regions of Asturias, Galicia, and Cantabria. Our 5,500 square-metre headquarters are located in Gijon.

Looking forward

Leaders in our sector

Corzosa is a renowned and prestigious name in the machine tooling sector as we were one of the earliest Spanish suppliers of new and used industrial machinery.

Our president, Luis Mochales, is also a figurehead and leader of the sector, with more than 50 years of experience working with the supply of industrial machine tools.

Today, customers, including leaders in the sale and purchase of industrial tools, keep coming back to our shop because they understand the value of our industry experience and post-sale technical service.

Among our clients, Corzosa has an excellent reputation. Many still remain loyal after 45 years.

Trust in our services has passed from generation to generation. Buying a new or used industrial machine tool is a risky investment that requires a great deal of faith in the supplier due to the size, expense, and complexity of the machinery.

At Corzosa, we earn that faith. To do so, we provide our own technical service guarantee. Corzosa’s reliability, professionalism, and quick responses reassure customers that we are able to meet their needs.

Nave de Corzosa

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Used machinery

We buy and sell used machinery and perform new equipment exchanges. Each product comes with certifications and a guarantee of quality from our technical team.

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Retrofitting enables us to update older machinery with new technologies, such as digital control systems, drive mechanisms, power systems, and robotics.

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Technical assistance

We have our own team of technicians specialized in mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical systems. Corzosa maintains this expertise in order to offer customers a top-quality post-sale service.

Mapa Mundo
Borders don’t exist

Corzosa in the world

Corzosa machinery can be supplied to any region thanks to our large national technical and sales networks. Additionally, in certain areas, we have exclusive rights to supply top machinery brands.

We are part of a broad portfolio of machinery distributors in Spain and Europe.

In Portugal, we are working on a national strategy to not just supply machinery, but also to provide technical assistance and a full post-sale service to customers.

Besides our domestic markets, Corzosa maintains a presence abroad in countries such as Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Russia, and India.

Our strategic plans for future development include supplying customers from emerging Asian economies and new Latin American territories.

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